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Precision Machining
Lynchburg Machining’s facility houses over 30 different machines, from CNC mills and lathes to manual mills and grinders, all designed to meet the tightest tolerances. We can handle parts up to 84” X 40” on our Haas VF9’s to parts that fit into the palm of your hand. With our CNC programming software, we can work straight from customer designed CAD models or from engineered prints.  With these production capabilities and our experienced personnel we can handle just about any job.
Please see our machine capabilities for more information.

Waterjet Services
Lynchburg Machining has expanded its capabilities with the installation of a Flow Mach 500 Waterjet, complete with taper compensation to hold tight tolerances with virtually no taper. The waterjet allows us to handle sheets of metal, plastic, fiberglass, rubber and other materials up to 10” X 6 ft. X 13 ft.

Wire EDM
Our two wire EDM machines are an excellent source for cutting unconventional profiles, unique shapes, keyways, exotic materials, and tight tolerance parts.

Quality Control
Quality is our highest priority at Lynchburg Machining. Our commitment to quality is backed by a state of the art quality control room, home to two CMM machines supported by PC-DMIS and Nikon CMM Manager Software. In addition, Lynchburg Machining is certified to a quality standard (ISO 9001:2008) that ensures production and delivery of high quality parts through an inspection process.

Other Capabilities
In addition to the information above we also have the capacity to provide various types of finishing, larger scale heat treating, welding, laser work, and bending through the use of our local supplier network.

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QUALITY POLICY Lynchburg Machining, LLC is committed to continually delivering quality products, on time, to our customers. The Company subscribes to a Quality Process which demonstrates excellence in all areas of business. Our staff will work as a team to provide highly reliable products, while identifying and fulfilling our customer’s diverse requirements for their use. Lynchburg Machining is dedicated to evaluating and continually improving our Quality Management System in order to better serve our customers. A company-wide quality assurance system is in operation which is designed to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001.

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